What special food and drinks are there in Abruzzo?

Italy of course is famous for her cooking tradition. Eating and drinking are real pleasures! The Abruzzan food is genuine and delicious. Here are a few examples: Italy is famous for its pasta. The homemade pasta of Abruzzo is fantastic. The local speciality is ‘spaghetti alla chitarra’ so called as it is made with an instrument similar to a guitar. The sauces made here are very tasty, because of the very fine fresh ingredients. The tomato sauce particularly good thanks to the quality of local tomatoes. The traditional regional antipasto is prepared with home made salami and “pecorino” (sheep cheese). “Arrosticini” are made with cubes of skewered lamb and cooked over a wood fire. They are delicious and a speciality of this region. On the coast you can eat freshly caught fish and the famous “brodetto”, a soup made with several local fish. If you like sea food then don’t miss the ‘antipasto di pesce’ where you get to taste a variety of seafood dishes. Sometimes this is enough for a meal in itself!! The classic Abruzzan cake is the Parozzo made with chocolate and almonds. And last but not least Olive Oil. Everywhere you look you will see olive trees. They grow very well on the rich Abruzzan soil. The local olive oil is fantastic. It is one of the best olive oils in Italy.

and what wine would you like to drink?

In this region you find very tasty wines:

  • The famous “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo” is the typical red wine of this area. It is very good and you can find a lot of varieties. The cheapest is about 3 euros per bottle and the most expensive is about 200 euros per bottle. It is perfect with meat, pasta with tomato sauce, cheese and of course just for a drink together with family and friends.
  • Cerasuolo is a very tasty “Rose” wine.
  • Trebbiano is an excellent local white wine, ideal with fish, shellfish and vegetable dishes .

and would you like a liqueur?

here are a few of the Abruzzen liqueurs:

  • ‘’Lemoncello” is made with lemons and best served ice cold. It is delicious and helps digestion.
  • “Amaro Abruzzese” is made from a mixture of herbs. It has a strong taste but it is very useful for aiding digestion after a big meal.
  • “Ratafia” is a sweet liqueur made with wild cherries.
  • “Genziana” is a liqueur made with roots of Genziana. It is said to promote good health and also digestion.
  • “Aurum” is an orange liqueur. It is has a lovely citrus zing and is rather like a cross between Grand Marnier and Cointreau.